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Protection Is In The Details

With constant exposure to heat, cold, UV radiation, rain, snow, hail and high winds, a roof can be the most vulnerable component of a building's exterior. However, a roof's long-term performance can be enhanced - and major roofing problems avoided with correct design, quality materials, proper installation and workmanship, and comprehensive care.

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Duro-Shield Silicone Roof Coating

Duro-Shield Silicone is a silicone-based roof coating designed to resist natural weathering while providing long-lasting watertight protection. When properly prepared and applied, following Duro-Last specifications, Duro-Shield Silicone can be used on the following roof substrates:

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Duro-Shield Acrylic Roof Coatings

Duro-Shield Acrylic Roof Coatings available in Duro-Shield 20 and Duro-Shield 10 - are 100% elastomeric acrylic and are designed to seal and protect a variety of substrates. When properly prepared and applied in accordance with Duro-Last specifications, the Duro-Shield Acrylic line of roof coatings can be used on a variety of roof substrates.

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Duro-Guard ISO Insulation

Duro-Guard ISO products come in a variety of thicknesses and facers for different attachments to meet different wind uplift requirements. Panels come in flat stock in 4' x 8' and 4' x 4' sheets. Facers include fiber reinforced paper, coated glass and double coated glass

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Duro-Guard EPS Insulation

Duro-Guard EPS products come in a variety of thicknesses and are lightweight and resilient. Panels come in flat stock with PVC-compatible facers. Facers include polyester, fiberglass, nail base or the Class A fire rated FR-10.

Reducing Your Time on the Roof

By custom fabricating most of the seams in the factory, the Duro-Last Roofing System is designed to help you reduce installation time. But the efficiency doesnt stop there. We know all the pain points that cost you time and material on the job site and offer products and accessories to help you minimize them.

Duro-Guard Pre-Cut Cricket

Made of expanded polystyrene, these custom fabricated crickets virtually eliminate the time and waste material required to make crickets on-site.

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Duro-Guard Pre-Cut Miter

These dimensionally stable 4 x 4 panels offer a simple, prefabricated valley or hip solution. Made of closed-cell polyiso bonded to reinforced facers, they are available in a variety of slopes and thicknesses and are compatible with standard tapered panels.

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Duro-Guard Tapered Edge Strip

Duro-Guard Tapered Edge Strips can be used for a variety of insulation transitions, including crickets, drain sumps and perimeter slope enhancement. The 96 panels are made of polyiso foam with reinforced facers and are available in two widths to create slopes of 1" or 1.5" per foot.

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Duro-Last leads the roofing industry with the most certifications under NSF/ANSI 347 and is one of only two manufacturers to achieve the highest-level platinum certification.

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