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Weather damage restoration is a highly specialized area that requires professional attention. When a loss occurs, the BullDog Contractors, LLC team focuses on the needs of property owner both by recovering the loss and by explaining each facet of the restoration process thoroughly and openly.

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Bulldog Contractors, LLC. knows there can be many frightening realities when a disaster strikes and takes the time to communicate each facet of the process from the claims facilitation through restoration so there are no surprises. Each loss is different, but the Bulldog Contractors, LLC. process in mitigating damage, restoring property, and managing the recovery process remains consistent, dependable, and reliable

Let us help you in your time of need. We have several years of combined insurance recovery and restoration experience. Involving us early in the process gives you great leverage when dealing with your insurance company. We have negotiated with the most insurance companies, including, State Farm, Farmers, American Family, Travelers, Geico, Hartford, Allstate, and others.

At Bulldog Contractors, LLC., we are committed to our clients. We believe that the true measure of our performance on any restoration is whether we fulfilled our clients expectations, made a lasting contribution to their home remodeling project and consistently honored their best interests.

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Select Shake Replaced Rotting
Wood Shake Roof

From the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border, Bulldog Contractors tackles big re-roofing projects. In late 2020 they installed a new composite shake roof on a 6,000-square-foot home in Edina, Minnesota. This was after a summer hail storm. However, it was right before the winter snows.

This was a rough hailstorm, says homeowner Kristine Merta. I thought my skylight was going to break. There was so much damage to the roof and my plants. I'm very grateful that Bulldog Contractors coordinated everything. From the insurance reimbursement to our new Select Shake roof installation, they were there for us.

The team at Bulldog Contractors understands how difficult it is for homeowners after a hail storm hits. Similarly, they understand how important it is that homeowners never go through that situation again. Thats one reason they recommended composite shake tiles to Merta.

Were impressed with the DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing, says Gregg Moore, vice president at Bulldog Contractors, LLC. Once people experience a hail event on their roofs, they dont want to mess with them again. Thats why impact-resistant DaVinci products are so important. In other words, their durable construction is made to laugh at Mother Nature and her fury.

Backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty, Select Shake tiles have a Class 4 rating for impact. In addition, theyre rated Class A for fire. The dependable tiles also resist cracking and splitting. After that, they also resist insects and rotting.

Select Shake tiles imitate authentic cedar shake better than any product on the market. Their molds are taken from real wood profiles. This makes them perfect for projects where a traditional cedar look is desired.

DaVinci doesnt stop at beauty. Select Shake tiles are designed for fast and easy installation. The 5/8-inch thick tiles come in 8- and 10-inch widths. The 10-inch pieces have a simulated keyway. This gives the look of 4- and 6-inch shakes. The result is a roofing creation with a multi-width appearance.

According to Merta, she was more than happy to say farewell to her old, deteriorating wood shake roof.

I researched DaVinci products online, says Merta. Im glad Bulldog Contractors recommended them. Im looking forward to having a maintenance-free roof with a realistic wood shake appearance.

For her roof, Merta selected the Black Oak color of tiles. The distinct palette reminds people of natural cedar shingles that have been saturated with moisture and mold for many years.

Black Oak tells the story of dark, aged cedar on a home. Some people love this color. However, the decaying natural cedar is not practical for a roof. Now, DaVinci has recreated the mature, almost black bark coloring. This gives homeowners the mature-looking cedar color they want, but with the durability of a composite shake.

The aesthetics are terrific on this roof, says Merta. Im very pleased with both the composite roofing and the work done by Bulldog Contractors. Overall, they took a bad situation and turned it into a very positive ending for my home.

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